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11 Jun 2018
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June 2018 Welcome to Agriportal/Farmingportal your gateway to Agri in Africa and AGRI NEWS NET; The Farming lifestyle of Farmers in Africa. We build relationships that last for ever, 15 years we lead by example. Farmers and companies become part of Agriportal because they need to keep in touch with new technology and require information immediately. Agriportal will redirect you to the real people in agriculture - the farmers of South Africa, Africa and the world. These Farmers are producing Food for the nation. Farmers today are no longer waiting for information to come to them, they use the Internet/Apps…
11 Feb 2016
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Companies and their success depend on the sum of all their employees and the quality of the CEO and its Management. Almost every problem in a company/Farm can ultimately be traced back to human error in the form of incorrect decisions.Over-exertion, over-stress, private difficulties due to family, separation, death etc. are the rule rather than the exception in companies.QUANLIM LIFE helps companies and f Farmers to find themselves again, to release their visions and their energy, and to get management and employees pulling together in the same direction.QUANLIM LIFE can also help with monitoring, improvement and marketing of the company.Quanlim…