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14 Jan 2014

New grain terminal gearing up to export first load in Australia five years of planning and construction of a new major grain terminal in Newcastle the facility set to move its first load in the coming weeks.

While drought in the state's north and north west will mean less product moving through the facility this year, proponents of the more than $30-million development are hoping to load their first vessel in February.

Executive director of Newcastle Agri-Terminal Jock Carter says the organisation is looking forward to better crop years, when the extra terminal capacity will be vital.

"Oh look, it's very exciting," he said.

"I think we've had great investors and a lot of great support from industry and really from the people of Newcastle too.

"The local residents have been great and really, it's been a pretty exciting project from start to end so far."

Mr Carter says drought is part and parcel of the industry, and the organisation will be ready when volumes pick up again.

He says the extra capacity to export is greatly needed.

"If you're an exporter and you want to export some grain, there's no physical terminal capacity for you to do that in a big year," he said.

"And that obviously then restricts people's marketing options and by default it probably has some price implications as well because there's a lot more restriction on people in terms of accessing or get grain to market so to speak."

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